65% Tool Running Issues

posted Dec 9, 2015, 6:26 AM by GSIS Conference   [ updated Dec 9, 2015, 6:43 PM by Anna Tarleton ]
Below is a list of outstanding issues that GSIS has gathered and submitted to GaDOE.

Issue - Primary teachers showing as additional teachers or teacher name unknown – If there was a discrepancy between the data from the Teacher Class file in April and the last Student Class file in June, teachers will appear as additional teachers without start and end dates or may show as unknown.  The change could be as simple as changing a course section number.
Solution – Teacher Class and Student Class should be collected at the same time.

Issue - It is difficult to accurately verify 65% enrollment when calendar days, rather than school days, are used.  For example, we typically consider first semester classes and second semester classes to be the same number of days (usually 90).  DOE may compute different #s for the denominator used in 65% calculations when using calendar days.
Solution - Collect full academic calendars, including holidays, from districts at the beginning of the school year, and get an update in June when the final Teacher Class / Student Class transmissions are done in case there were weather day adjustments.  Then, compute 65% based on actual school days.

Issue - Appending multiple Student Class files together leads to many issues when schools correct data, update period sequences (for class size accuracy), or change section #s during the year.
Solution - Use only the year-end Student Class file.

Issue - Sections where additional teachers are not coded as co-teacher (sped only) are being held accountable for all students.  Example would be ESOl teachers where we were instructed to code as additional teacher and the file would match only the ESOL students.  Another example could be gifted collaborative teachers.
Solution - Expand options in the Student Class file layout for role types -- i.e., Spec Ed Co-Teacher, ESOL Push-In Teacher, EIP Push-In Teacher, GT Collaborative Teacher, General Ed Co-Teacher (i.e., band, PE), etc.  The 65% tool could then only capture as meets those with a Co-Teacher role, or apply to only certain students based on other indicators already reported (i.e., EIP delivery model or ESOL status)

Enhancement - Online courses (X.3), dual enrollment courses (4 in 5th digit) should be excluded.

Enhancement - Since the DOE is aware of which courses are state Milestone and since we indicated on the system course file for Student Record which courses are SLO, any non-milestone or non-slo courses should be excluded from the 65% tool.

Enhancement - All courses should be collapsed to the root course number by matching appropriate data elements.  For example, collapse to root course number based on teacher id, student gtid, root course number (XX._XXXX__), and marking period.  This would catch year-long courses as well as semester courses.

Enhancement:  The application design is very cumbersome for school principals.  While the options to collapse and expand are visually appealing, they slow down the verification process.  Wherever possible, have all results show expanded by default.  

Enhancement:  Consider collecting number of Hospital/Homebound days in the SR Enrollment file and making use of that data in the 65% tool so principals just verify instead of having to manually mark all students who were out >35% of the year on Hospital / Homebound.

Enhancement:  Consider utilizing data and/or updating CPI Count 3 to identify teachers who were absent for more than 65% of the school year. (FMLA)